Confidence GROWS when proper technique is repeated to produce a successful outcome.


Our goal is to create more confident volleyball players by a comprehensive breakdown of all volleyball skills along with elite and detailed setter training.


A setter touches the ball more than any other player on the court, however, the setting position is often undertrained. Our mission is to help both coaches and players improve the game of volleyball through unique and effective training methods.

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  • A detailed breakdown of setting body positioning, hand-location, and finish
  • Learn footwork to arrive efficiently to get the ball
  • What you do when you arrive at the ball
  • Back-set techniques on a good pass, average pass, and bad pass
  • Learn how to set middle blockers
  • Teach proper communication with teammates when an error is made
  • Tip work
  • Back row setting


Includes all items listed in Setting Clinic, plus…

  • Tip work to all zones and when to use each tip
  • Back row setting
  • Learn setting rules to get your hitter 1 on 1 against a blocker
  • How to read a block before a serve
  • Learn to make play calls to beat the block
  • Read a defense to set up easy points later
  • Learn which ball is the best to set depending on pass location and block
  • How to show one thing and set another
  • Understanding what to change when the set doesn’t go as planned
  • Tricks to setting middle blockers


For Teams & Groups

  • A detailed breakdown of proper technique for all skills:
    Passing, Setting, Hitting, Defense, Blocking, Serving, Serve Receive, & Diving
  • Footwork movement for all skills
  • The understanding how to fix yourself when you do something wrong
  • Learning how to combine proper techniques in live drills


Private lessons are available by appointment for individuals or for groups up to 3.

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All of our camps, clinics, and private lessons are coached by 1st Team All-American setter, Kele Eveland. She is also a former professional volleyball player and NCAA Division-I coach. Her goal for every player she trains is to help them, not only to reach their goal, but to exceed their greatest expectations. Kele will be accompanied by other coaches with professional and college playing experience, as well as college, club, and high school coaching experience.


More About Kele:

  • 1st Team All-American (2003)
  • Led the nation in Assists per game (2003)
  • Ranked 4th in NCAA record books for Career Assists
  • ACC Player of the Year (2003)
  • ACC Rookie of the Year (2000)
  • Academic All-American (2003)
  • The only female in Georgia Tech school history to have her jersey retired
  • 4 year professional career in Spain
  • 5 year Assistant Coach at San Diego State University
  • Trained 2X 1st Team All-Conference Setter (Mountain West Conference)
  • Trained players at Camps and Clinics across the world

When a Setter is Confident, her Teammates Become more Confident.

Our goal is to create more confident setters, which leads to more confident teammates, and most importantly, more confident girls and women!

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Kele’s dynamic personality and highly motivational attitude energizes players, coaches, and professionals to meet the challenges of the world around them, including sports, leadership, team dynamics, confidence building, servant leadership, and the challenges of connecting sports & faith.